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Covered Arena

​An indoor space would provide many benifits to STEP including year round therapy sessions, protection from the elements for our riders, instructors and volunteers, dedicated classroom and viewing areas, and an indoor restroom. 

Equine Sponsor

Help with the yearly cost to feed, groom and provide veterinary care for one of our beloved working equines.

3-Step Mounting Block

With an additional mounting block, we can get clients onto the horses more efficiently and move out of the preparation phase and get them into the movement portion of the class.

Outdoor Handwashing Station

Until we are able to build our dream indoor arena, a handwashing station for the clients before and after they work with our equines will ensure the safety of all.

Rules Poster

​Rules are important, especially when working with groups and animals. With large posters containing STEP's rules posted throughout the arena, we will be able to maintain both the saftey of the clients as well as the volunteers and animals. 

Tables & Benches


With access to seating and tables outside of the arena, we can hold meetings, pre and post therapy session discussions, and have a dedicated spot for viewing.


Wish List

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